School Dinner Menu

Chartwells school dinner menu for children in school from 8th March will be different to the previous lockdown menu.
'The Way Back Spring 21 Lunch Menu' will start from Monday 8th March 2021 and we will be starting on Week 1.
Spring & Summer Menu Week Schedule - Starting from Monday 8th March 2021
Week 1 - Weeks beginning 8th March, 29th March, 3rd May, 24th May, 21st June and 12th July  2021 
Week 2 - Week beginning 15th March, 19th April, 10th May, 7th June, 28th June 2021 and 19th July
Week 3 - Weeks beginning 22nd March, 26th April, 17th May, 14th June and 5th July 2021