Year 2 Maths

Welcome to the Year 2 Maths Home learning
This will be the last week of home learning maths. Thank you all for the work you have been sending me - it's great to see how hard you have been working in very difficult times. I have missed you all and will look out for you in September as you join your year 3 class.
Mrs Power
Week beginning 13th July 2020
White Rose have put together a program of revision lessons. This week we will be looking in more detail at time. There are some tricky questions - try your best and ask an adult if you get stuck: Summer Term Week 12 (w/c 13th July)
Lesson 1: Telling Time to 5 minutes
Lesson 2: Hours and Days
 Lesson 3: Find duration of time
Lesson 4: Compare duration of time
Watch the video. The worksheets are no longer online. They are attached below.
Ask parents to keep asking you the time. It's the best way to remember!
The following are a variety of activities you can choose to enjoy at your leisure
  • Maths Problem of the day (KS1 in orange). The solution will be given the next day.
  • Revision questions (one per day) - updated weekly - try SATs questions this term.
  • Daily 10 - Mental maths questions
  • Practice times tables on the 'supermovers' website
  • Numbots
  • TT Rockstars
  • Hit the Button
The next set of questions I found are in a slightly different format than before. I though it might be easier to include all the 5 problems (one per day) with the answers attached at the bottom. 
Now for the final week of these problems.
Thank you to everyone having a go.
Maths Starters
This term the maths starters will be questions from previous SAT's papers. It is good practice to have a go at some of these questions in preparation for year 3.
Practice your time tables with songs from the 'Supermovers' website.
It's lots of fun !
I have set up a section for you to share your maths work.
Please send me a message on e-schools and attach some of your work.
Thank you for starting us off Zachary and Michael.