Year 1 Maths

Welcome back.
Each week I will ask you to try to complete 3 lessons, some from the White Rose Web Site, NCETM site or other sites given plus an extra activity you can complete at home with your family.
All other activities are extensions to do at your leisure.
Week commencing 18th May

This week start off with Summer Term week 4:

Lesson 3 - Add and subtract worded problems.

Lesson 4 - Compare number sentences.

Then move onto Summer Term week 5:

Lesson 1 - Compare lengths and heights. 

Family maths task - carrying on with number bonds to 20. This week we want you to play some games with your number bonds. In the classroom, your teacher normally says a number between 0-20 and you ping the number bond back and we call this ping pong. Try this with your family. You could start with number bonds to 10 to warm up. You might be more creative and try doing it in other ways with an actual bat and ball or a trampoline.


We love seeing how you are trying things out at home so make sure you send us a video or some pictures if you can. 

Week commencing 11th May
This week start off with Summer Term week 3:
Lesson 4 Add more by counting on.
Then move onto Summer Term week 4:
Lesson 1 Add by making 10
Lesson 2 Subtract within 20.
The worksheets and answers for these are attached below. 
Family maths task - Play bingo with the number bonds to 20.
One person is the bingo master while everyone else chooses 6 numbers from 0 - 20. The bingo master needs to have all the numbers from 0 - 20 written down on pieces of paper and then takes them out one at a time, If the player has the number bond that matches to make 20 then they can cross that number off. The number pulled out and the number crossed off must add to make 20. 

Week commencing 4th May

We are starting White Rose Summer Week 3 w/c 4th May. 

Lesson 1: Part-whole relationships number bonds

Lesson 2: Fact families - linking addition and subtraction (1)

Lesson 3: Add together and find a part

Worksheets are attached underneath. 


Family Maths Task

This week we want you to find some coins around the house - 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 50p. Talk about how much each coin is worth. Then find some paper and colouring pencils and do some coin rubbings. Can you tell which coin it is from the rubbing? You could cut them out and order them from the least amount to the greatest amount and then change the order. 

The following are a variety of activities you can choose to enjoy at your leisure
  • Daily 10 - Mental maths questions
  • Practice your times tables on the 'supermovers' website
  • Numbots
  • Hit the Button
  • Number Blocks
Practice your time tables with songs from the 'Supermovers' website.
It's lots of fun !