Welcome to year 5 & 6 Home Learning

Hi everyone,
As we come to the last couple of days of an eventful term that no one could have predicted, we would just like to say again how proud we are of all of you. Whether you're still working at home or you have been working at home and are now back in school, you have shown a huge amount of resilience, determination, courage and positivity.
If you are at home, there is a final writing task that we'd like you to complete so please check your homework tab or read below. 
If you are in school, we look forward to a busy last couple of days, which will include saying farewell to our Year 6s.
Enjoy the next two days of term and, after that, enjoy your summer!
Mrs Hulme, Mrs Isherwood, Mrs Dean, Mrs Blandford and Mrs Bidgood :)
Writing task for week beginning 20th July 2020
Your task for this week is to write a letter to your teacher/s. We miss you and we'd love to know how you are. You can type it straight onto your homework page or write it on paper and take a photo to submit.
Here are some questions to help get you started:
What have you enjoyed about the last few months?
What have you found difficult?
Who have you spent time with (family/friends/pets)?
How have you kept yourself busy (school work/films/books/games)?
What are you looking forward to in the summer holidays and in September?
Anything else?
We look forward to hearing from you :)