Weekly Science and Topic Tasks

This week 11th May - 18th May is Science and Art/ICT. Your challenge this week is to have a go at nature photography or nature artwork.

Maddie Moat filmed a great episode of her daily science lessons a few weeks ago all about minibeasts photography featuring tips from a photographer to help get the best pictures:


 I would like you to watch the episode and using your garden or daily exercise take photographs of any insects and other animals you can see. If you are unable to access a camera then you can instead pick any animal you can see and draw them instead.


If you are unsure of an animal you photograph, then you can use the internet to try and find out its name. https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blog/2017/11/common-uk-insect-identification/

Try and get a few photos of different animals you can see: these could be insects and birds or maybe pets in your house. You can even film some animals if you find some doing anything exciting! 

 Once you have some photos/drawings please send them to us through your homework page. Happy snapping!