School Dinner Menu

Autumn & Winter Menu Week Schedule - Starting from Wednesday 8th September 2021
Week 1 - Weeks beginning 20th September, 11th October, 1st November, 22nd November, 13th December, 3rd January, 24th January, 14th February, 7th March and 28th March
Week 2 - Week beginning 6th September, 27th September, 18th October, 8th November, 29th November, 10th January, 31st January, 14th March and 4th April
Week 3 - Weeks beginning 13th September, 4th October, 15th November, 6th December, 17th January, 7th February, 28th February and 21st March
There are some permanent changes to the advertised school dinner menu which are as follows:
Week 1 Tuesday -
Main option - Lasagne with Garlic Bread 
Vegetarian - Veggie Balls in Tomato Sauce with Pasta
All other options as advertised
Week 2 Tuesday - 
Main option - Sausage and Mash
Vegetarian - Incredible Veggie Burger with Wedges
All other options as advertised
Week 3 Tuesday - 
Main option - Chinese Chicken Noodles
Vegetarian - Cheesy Pea Risotto
All other options as advertised
School dinners can be paid for via ParentPay and are £2.34 per day.