Phonics and Reading

Daily Phonics Lesson
Please try to watch the daily phonics lesson. This is what the children were being taught in school. If you are unsure the 'set' your children are on please contact one of the teachers.
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Mrs Power's phonics Group (Week beginning 18th May)
Each week I will ask you to complete a comprehension. 
This week's comprehension is about 'Blackbeard'
It is another interesting non fiction text with questions all the way through.
Once you have drawn your treasure map, write a set of detailed instructions on how to find the treasure.
Remember your headings:
Title, What you need, What you Do, Extra Tips
Remember to use
First, Next, After that etc
This comprehension will begin to use what's called 'VIPER' questions. These are questions focused on different elements of comprehension. See the picture below for more information on what they mean.
Year 2's can continue to quiz books through Accelerated Reader during school hours. The new Accelerated Reader targets have been reset and will start again from Tuesday 14th April.
If you want to check if the book you are reading is on the Accelerated Reader Scheme use AR Book finder