Mrs Power's Phonics Group (W.B: 6th July)

This will be the last week of home learning.


Week beginning 6th July 20


This term, we are introducing a more structured approach to literacy with 3 different texts with tasks for you to complete each week. 

Each picture and short text will include:

  1. A short piece of reading with questions linked to the text.
  2. Challenge sentences based on spelling, punctuation or grammar.
  3. Sick sentences, which you will need to make into better ones.
  4. Something for you to draw or create linked to the text. 
  5. See if you can re-enact the picture and send your photo's in.

I hope that this provides you with a wider range of shorter texts for you to enjoy and it will help to build our literacy skills. 

Complete all the activities in your purple books. If you need a new one, contact the school and they will get one delivered or sent to you. 

Task 1 - The Invasion 
Task 2 - Air Hotel 3000
Task 3 - The Curiosity Shop