Mrs Isherwood & Mrs Bidgood Maths

Week beginning 18th May.
 We are now back on track with the White Rose Maths daily lessons so from Monday please work through the work set for the week beginning the 18th May.  Watch the video each day for each activity by clicking on this link or the white rose icon below. Your activities will be sent through to you on e schools or just download them if you are able and write on the sheet.  If you cannot download the worksheet you can write the answers in your squared Maths book. 
If you are writing in your squared Maths book, please write the title of the activity at the top of the page.  This will help us when we come to mark your work. 
Below, I have  uploaded the answers for each work sheet so you can check your answers. 
Remember - if you need our help, we are only a message away. 
When completing the homework, you can open the activity sheet and write the answers straight onto it, print out and write on the sheet or write the answers in your book.
To write onto the document you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader DC which a free downloadable programme (
It will allow you to open up the activity sheets in it, write on them, save them and then these can be uploaded onto the homework page.
To write on the pdf I have added a image below to help you.