Maths (w/b 6th July 20)

This will be the last week of home learning.  
On this page, you will find your week's worth of maths lessons. There will be a video lesson for each day.  Please just complete one lesson a day.
Occasionally, there may be a lesson that is repeated as we are now reaching a period of consolidation. 
Once you have watched and understood the video, log in to eSchools and download the accompanying worksheet from the maths homework section.  You can record your answers in your purple book and let us know you have completed it by uploading a photo or just clicking submit.
The website has changed slightly this week as you're not able to search for the answers and other worksheets. I have attached the answers for you if you need to mark your work or check it in any way.
If you are completing any work in your books, just state 'done' on your homework page so we can place 'marked', which will remove it rather than state overdue. There is no need to photograph your work and send it back. 
Monday Year 3
Lesson one - Draw Accurately
Tuesday Year 3
Lesson 2 - Recognise and Draw 2d shapes 
Wednesday Year 3
Lesson Three - Recognise and Draw 3d shapes 
Thursday Year 3
Lesson Four - Tell the Time to 5 minutes 
Monday Year 4
Lesson One - Interpret Charts
Tuesday Year 4
Lesson Two - Comparison Sum and Difference
Wednesday Year 4 
Lesson Three - Introducing Line Graphs
Thursday Year 4
Lesson Four - Line Graphs