Children's Party with Tarquin the party entertainer!

Our school is one of the family of schools who together are Southerly Point Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust. We genuinely support each other and work closely together to achieve our aim of ‘enabling excellence for all’: our children, our staff and our communities. This is the expectation of all of those who work with us, whether in the classroom or in the essential support roles behind the scenes. Our work is underpinned by the co-operative values and these inform everything we do.

There are many opportunities for everyone’s learning experiences to be enhanced, from the youngest child in the Trust’s nursery provision through to the students in our Post 16 provision. The staff learn together too, sharing ideas and resources for the benefit our children.

We hope you will enjoy finding out more about our schools – each one them is unique and has its own character – but all of them are caring, friendly and nurturing – and we commend them to you.

If you would like to find out more about the Trust and how it is governed, please follow the link to:

Donna Bryant CEO

During assembly this morning we published the above image and the following message on our Facebook page:

We are demonstrating to pupils how easy it is to share images on social media. Please share our image and in the comments box write where you are in the world. Thank you.

 Within twenty minutes we had over 300 views 40 shares and reached New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Spain!  We will continue to check this post to monitor its journey around the world.

 This week we held a follow up assembly to see how far Derek had travelled over half term. The results were fascinating with views exceeding 86,000 and spanning almost all continents. Attached to this post is the slide show used in assembly. It has been a worthwhile lesson in the power of social media and the children have grasped the concept magnificently.

 We have had worldwide support with this project for which we are very grateful.  One quote worthy of a mention; "It's so good to see Schools visually showing children what can happen & how quickly. I volunteer for NSPCC presenting 'Speak Out, Stay Safe' programs through assemblies & workshops. Part of our focus is online safety. Hence my earlier link of Share Aware."

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