Fun Science and Topic

This week 6th July- 17th July 
(This will be set on Google Classroom)
This week we are back to Science Classification. We are looking at microorganisms and how we classify them into three groups: viruses, fungui and bacteria. Read the Powerpoint and watch the video at to learn about Microrganisms and then using the instruction sheet and investigation sheet set up an investigation into how quickly mould (fungus) can grow on bread in different conditions. 
As the experiment will take over 5 days to show a result this will be this and next weeks topic work.
This week we are setting the homework on Google Classroom so you can have a go at returning homework on it. If there are any issues please message your teacher or send your work to them.
Science and Topic Resources 
Maddie Moat's Science Live Stream everyday at 11am!
Each week she is covering different topics: space, dinosaurs,nature etc.
I have added a few different websites below and on the images underneath which have games, quizzes, videos and experiments you can try!