Cross Country Race Information


Don’t forget the 18th annual running of the ‘Coose Trannack Cross Country Races’ will take place on Saturday 17th March 2018, on the Coose Trannack woodland area adjacent to Trannack School. This event, which is open to children from Reception to

Year 12, will involve separate races for each primary age group and two secondary races for Under 17s and Under 13s. The adult ‘fun run’ will continue in 2018 for anyone who likes a challenge and a bit of fun!!! Further details will follow but please see the Trannack School website for an application form or additional information in the meantime. The Coose Trannack area can be accessed via


Dates & Venues for Races 2017 / 18

League Race 5 – HCC - Tuesday 27th March 4pm (Including Infant Fun Run)

League Race 6 - Mullion – Tuesday 24th April 4pm

*Tuesday 1st May – Reserve Date*

Fun Event and Ceremony – Mullion - Tuesday 22nd May – year 3-6

League Race Stand-by date in case of cancellation – Tuesday 1st May 2018

Pool Qualifier – Pool - Tuesday 20th February 2018  

Newquay County Championship – Thursday 15th March 2018


Race Timings * & Distances

Yr 5/6 Girls - 1500 mtrs - 4pm

Yr 5/6 Boys - 1500 mtrs - 4-10pm

Yr 3/4 Girls - 1000 mtrs - 4-25pm

Yr 3/4 Boys - 1000 mtrs 4-35pm

* Except when infant Fun Run (500 mtrs) is in schedule which will be run first resulting in all times being shifted later by approximately 10mins

Results Recording, Trophies & Medals

* All children participating will score points for their school, the race winner will get 100 points and the rest of the points will be on a simple sliding scale dependant on the number of race entries (A child finishing in the middle of the field, say 14th out of 28, will score 50 points). 


Race 1 – 32 Finishers.  - 1st – 100 points, 2nd – 97 points, 3rd – 94 points, 10th – 72 Points, 32nd – 3 points

Race 2 – 47 Finishers - 1st – 100 points, 2nd – 98 Points, 3rd – 96 Points, 10th – 81 Points, 47th – 2 Points

* The infant fun races will not be point scoring - nor will the results be published for infants on the basis that it is a fun run only.

* The points will be added together for each school into two league tables, one based on overall points score and one based on a weighted points score dependent on the number of children on the school roll in Yr3 - Yr 6 as at Sept. (This is to give both big and small schools the chance to do well in the leagues). 

* There will be trophies awarded at the end of the season for the best schools in each league and the runners up.  

* The children will win individual medals based on their total point score for their best 5 league races. (This is to ensure that children aren't penalised for missing just one league race due to sickness, injury or any other commitment). 

* The top 3 children in each category will receive an individual medal. 

* Children scoring a maximum of 500 points will be given a special award.

* All children completing 5 of the 6 League races will be awarded an endurance medal as recognition of their commitment and dedication.

* The final team relay event will have medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places.

The medals and trophies will be awarded at the ceremony held at Mullion School immediately after the end of season Team Relay Race on Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Qualifier Event & County Championship

* Helston Children will qualify for the Pool Qualifier event in February based on their individual total points score from the first 5 league races. 

* The top X (usually 8) children will qualify from Yr 4 Boys, Yr 4 Girls, Yr 5 Boys, Yr 5 Girls, and Yr 6 Boys & Yr 6 Girls. (Yr 3 children will not be included in the qualifiers to ensure that we allow a full quota of Yr 4 children to compete in the Yr 4 race). 

* We will be sending two teams – one for Lizard schools & one for Helston schools. We will be competing against teams from Falmouth, Truro, Redruth & Camborne. 

*  The top X (usually 15) finishers in each of the Pool qualifier races will then qualify for the County championships in Newquay. 

X – To be confirmed


Finally, a huge thank you to all coordinators, staff, volunteers and parents who have made the events successful in the past seasons. Many thanks for your continuing support and role in next year’s season!

Steven Loder & Helen Ayotte