Pupil Premium

Statement in Regard to Pupil Premium Funding 2017/18


Pupil Premium is an amount of money paid into school in regard of:

Pupils who receive Free School meals.

Pupils who have ever been in receipt of free school meals.

Pupils who have parents employed by the armed forces.

Pupils who have been or are in the Care of Cornwall Council


Pupil Premium Funding is used to fund the following:


Pupil premium champion.

Mrs Charlene Price works with all families who are in receipt of pupil premium. She administers our school offer which is

  • One set of school uniform

  • 50 % off all residential and school trips.

  • Access to the pupil premium champion

The Pupil Premium Champion meets families regularly and acts as an advocate for pupils. She holds regular meetings with the head teacher to review the progress of pupils and the support offered.


TA support throughout the school.

All classes through the school have TA support to deliver extra tuition for pupils who are falling behind in their progress in Mathematics and Literacy. These children are identified via termly assessments by class teachers.


Impact on attainment.

The work of TAs has resulted in .

  • Smaller teaching groups throughout school

  • The provision of Fun fit before school for children with coordination difficulties.

  • Precision teaching for children in years 2,3,4,5 and 6

  • Pre teaching of key concepts in years 3,4,5 and 6.

  • Teaching of Read Write ink in years 3,4,5 and 6.

  • See info below.


The school utilises Teaching assistants during lunch breaks to run 2 lunch clubs for pupils who experience anxiety difficulties during unstructured play sessions. Both TAs link with our Special Education Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator(SENDCo) and runs small group and individual activities for the children in lunch times

The funding is also used to update the training of staff members.


Impact on Attainment

The work of the TAs has resulted in:

  • Improved attendance for pupils allowing them to keep pace with their peers in learning.

  • Reduced anxiety and other behavioural issues to enable children to access learning, work in groups with others more successfully, organise their learning and complete homework





The school employs an HLTA (SEN ), Mrs Caroline Reps to support children who have IEPs. She links with our SENDco and runs small groups. She is responsible for the delivery of Socially speaking activities and Speech and Language Activities.

The work has resulted in .

  • Greater links with the Speech and Language Team (SALT)

  • The provision of small groups

  • See info below.



Year 6 SATs Summer 2017





Percentage attaining the expected standard and greater depth of study.





Attainment in phonics


Year 1   2017



All pupils






Disadvantaged (Pupil premium)





Boost club

School trains TAs to run and administer the Boost club each year.

This club is designed to work with children in Key stage 2 (usually year 3) who demonstrate a need to develop their self-esteem and team working skills. It is run in the summer term for a period of 10 weeks and as part of the schedule has a daytrip that is chosen by the participants.


Over the past year we have seen an increase in the participants self-confidence (measured through a survey). We also have a low incidence of bullying throughout school and no reports from people in this group.


ACTION: Current year

School Development Plan is focused on the safety and well-being of pupils and staff.

The school will use the Boxall Profile programme to measure the impact of work with pupil in receipt of Pupil premium funding.

Speaking and listening: Key stage 1 early phonics and emotional literacy. Staff are trained in Emotional First Aid in an aim to reduce anxiety and the number of exclusions to 0 days during the year. (Previous year 5 days part time exclusion over 3 events)

Read, Write, ink in place and offered to children highlighted as being on our Hotlist.

HLTA redirected to address needs in Key stage 1 phonics.

Booster sessions offered to children in year 6 for both literacy and maths.