Christmas Plays

All evening tickets have now gone. There are still some afternoon tickets left for Starfish, Turtles, Lobsters performance on Wednesday 7th December at 1:45pm and there are some left for Angelfish and Rainbowfish classes performance on Tuesday 6th December at 1:45pm. The classes will perform to the whole school and so any older siblings will already have seen the performance. Grandparents are encouraged to come and see the plays on Monday 5th December from 1:30pm. Can you please let the office know how many will be coming on Monday so we can set out seats ready for this. The timings for the performances are as follows:-

Starfish, Turtles and Lobsters will be performing Tuesday 6th December at 6:00pm and again on Wednesday 7th December at 1:45pm.

Rainbowfish and Angelfish will be performing Tuesday 6th December at 1:45pm and again on Wednesday 7th December at 6:00pm

 Local artist David Hosking visited Dolphins class.  The students have been studying the artist. They were given the opportunity to create their own David Hosking style painting.
During ICT students used Word to create their own interpretation of David Hosking's work

Skills learned: Inserting and formatting shapes, grouping, sending back and bringing forward.

Barracudas and Dolphins had a wonderful day out at Penrose Woods last week led by Forest Schools teacher Mrs Trounson.  They got to build dens, make and eat bread, measure the circumference of trees and see how many triangles they could make from 7 sticks!  This and many more activities led to a funfilled day with spectacular weather.

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