Curriculum Intent Statement for Geography

The Porthleven Primary School geography provision is designed to develop a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will stay with them long beyond their time at Porthleven. Through a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum, we will ensure the progressive development of geographical concepts, knowledge and skills; enabling the children to develop a love for geography. Geography teaching at Porthleven School should develop the children’s knowledge of their local communities and what makes them unique and special. In addition, they will develop their knowledge and understanding of the wider world and enjoy learning about the world to have a better understanding of how people live in different locations.

Our geography lessons are informed and aligned with the National Curriculum. The geography curriculum is designed for children to develop and progress through core disciplinary concepts to ensure that when they leave our school they will think like geographers:

  • Physical Geography
  • Human Geography
  • Place
  • Geographical Skills
  • Interconnections

 Knowledge of abstract concepts (substantive knowledge), such as 'Environment' and 'Culture' are built on through the geography curriculum through a variety of contexts at local, national and global level.